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Our Business

    Our Vision

    • Creation of a circular economy of plastic (Plastic2Plastic) by diverting plastic waste away from landfills and our oceans
    • Reduce the dependence of countries on fossil fuel imports
    • Support countries in reaching recycling targets, reduce CO2 footprint, and reach international sustainability goals
    • Boost local economies and communities through the creation of new jobs
    Our Mission

    • Play a significant role in solving the global plastic problem
    • Be world leaders in chemical recycling
    • Process 200,000 tonnes of plastic by 2020
    • Expand internationally the number of operational plants
Our Mission

  • Be a world leading, sustainable and profitable producer of synthetic second generation fuels and feedstocks for new plastics from end-of-life plastic
  • Reduce end-of-life plastic waste hardly recyclable through traditional means
  • Develop local solutions, fuels, products and opportunities
  • Contribute to the improvement of the environment
  • Produce synthetic fuels and synthetic hydrocarbon products locally, boosting local economies
  • Earn low risk, attractive returns for investors and clients
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Industrial Plant

Plastic Energy has industrial plants in Seville and Almeria, Spain. Our TAC plants are modular and for every tonne of contaminated waste plastic processed, 850 litres of chemical feedstock (oil) are produced, supporting the conversion back to food grade and other plastics (Plastic2Plastic).

Who we are...

A Global Company

Waste plastic is a global concern and Plastic Energy is able to adapt to fit local requirements, simultaneously working with international and local partners to efficiently expand the technology worldwide to help prevent plastic pollution.

The use of plastics has increased twentyfold in the past half-century and is expected to double in the next 20 years. Although some of this plastic can be mechanically recycled, a large portion is composed of contaminated and low-value plastics that cannot and end up being incinerated, buried in landfills, or polluting our oceans.

We are the only technology which can process and convert end-of-life or contaminated plastics that no-one else can.

Modular plants

Plastic Energy's modular plants can be built anywhere and integrate with existing infrastructure and processes.

Industry leaders

We are the global leader in chemical plastic recycling with proven, scalable patented technology and the capability of successfully and continously processing plastics.

Patented technology

Our UK based team of technology specialists have over 50 years' combined experience developing the patented thermal anaerobic technology (TAC) process, converting valueless plastic waste into to oil and back into virgin plastic, suitable for foodsafe use (Plastic2Plastic).


We are benchmarking our plants in Seville and Almeria and always looking for ways to improve production in a ground-breaking and environmentally friendly way.


We are benchmarking our plants in Seville and Almeria and always looking for ways to improve production in a ground breaking and environmentally friendly way.

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We are backed by
Greenland Capital

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Modular industrial plant specialists

The Future

Plastic Energy's innovative recycling technology is leading the way towards a future with better waste management, higher recycling rates and the prevention of plastic pollution both on land and in sea.