Plastic Energy supports British Spanish Society Scholarship Award

PLASTIC ENERGY has donated £6250 to the British Spanish Society’s Scholarship programme and become a principal supporter of the organization.

Since its inception in 2008, the British Spanish Society has awarded Scholarships and Bursaries to more than 50 post-graduate students conducting research in fields as diverse as medicine, urban planning, engineering, linguistics, literature, physics, architecture, marine archaeology and music.

The recipient of Plastic Energy’s grant is Carlos Miguel Lopez Alled, studying for a PhD in Sustainable Chemistry at the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies at the University of Bath.

Carlos received a certificate from Richard Peel of Plastic Energy (see picture above) at an Awards ceremony held at the Spanish Embassy in London and hosted by His Excellency the Spanish Ambassador Carlos Bastarreche and the Chairman of the British Spanish Society, Jimmy Burns Marannon.

The project being undertaken by Carlos aims to help rural communities in the developing world that lack access to public water systems and rely on untreated well water. Water contamination caused by either human activity or natural sources often remains undetected leading to detrimental health effects.

In the project a novel class of versatile sensors are being developed that can be used to detect a wide range of problematic water contaminants without need for expensive equipment, trained personnel and a laboratory environment. The molecular sensors that we are designing change colour in the presence of a specific contaminant, thereby, indicating if the water is safe for human consumption.

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