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How does Plastic Energy support sustainability?


Improving waste management by diverting plastics away from landfills and incineration, and preventing leaks into the ocean


Supporting countries in reaching plastic waste targets by recycling previously non-recyclable plastics.


Increasing availability of virgin-quality recycled plastic suitable for food-grade products.


Closing the plastic loop by using end-of-life material to create new plastics, instead of natural resources.

Our Certifications


We are proud to operate the world’s first waste plastic conversion facility with ISCC PLUS certification. The production line certified according to the ISCC PLUS Standard recycles plastic waste into a valuable product, contributing to reduced virgin feedstock consumption. This is verified and confirmed by a third party.

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We are pleased to have become the first end-of-life plastics chemical recycler to achieve certification for one of the world’s most robust sustainability standards for the circular and bio-based economy. Our recycling facility in Sevilla, Spain now carries a Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certification, demonstrating its important role in the circular economy by transforming end-of-life plastics into recycled oils that can be used to make virgin-quality plastics, thus reducing the need for fossil resources.

Our Commitments

By 2025, Plastic Energy will convert at least 300,000 tonnes of low-value plastic waste into feedstock for new plastic manufacturing (Plastic2Plastic).


Plastic Energy - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA Study)

We have conducted a Life Cycle Assessment to better understand the environmental impact of our chemical recycling approach on circularity, climate change, water, resources and ecosystems quality. A summary of the results are available below.

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2021 Sustainability Report

Plastic Energy is focused on sustainable growth within our company and continuing our fight against plastic pollution through recycling. Our inaugural sustainability report will outline our progress and reinforce goals for the future, ensuring that we continue to pave the way for chemical recycling in a sustainable way and work towards a circular economy for plastics.

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Myths and Facts

Efforts to reduce plastic consumption and to boost re-use of plastic, plastic waste collection, sorting, and recycling capabilities need to increase. Plastic Energy helps address the problem of plastic pollution and plays a key role in recycling plastic waste and developing a circular plastic economy.

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For sustainability related enquiries

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