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LyondellBasell, Plastic Energy, Albéa Tubes and international cosmetic brand L’OCCITANE en Provence introduce new circular cosmetic packaging

Rotterdam, 16 March 2022 – LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB), Albéa Tubes and L’OCCITANE en Provence have recently launched groundbreaking cosmetic tubes and caps for L’OCCITANE en Provence’s “almond” range, supporting the circular economy. The packaging is made by Albéa Tubes with CirculenRevive polymers from LyondellBasell.

The protection of biodiversity and the reduction of waste are at the heart of the international beauty brand L’OCCITANE en Provence. Therefore, when re-designing two tubes of its “almond” product range, L’OCCITANE was seeking a resource-friendly solution and teamed up with cosmetic tubes specialist Albéa and polymer supplier LyondellBasell.

LyondellBasell and Plastic Energy

“We are excited to work with Albéa Tubes and L’OCCITANE en Provence on this project and to contribute to circular cosmetic packaging solutions”, says Richard Roudeix, LyondellBasell Senior Vice President of Olefins and Polyolefins for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. “Our CirculenRevive products, which are part of our Circulen product range of sustainable solutions, are polymers based on advanced (chemical) recycling technology from our supplier Plastic Energy who converts end-of-life plastic waste streams into pyrolysis oil feedstock.”

Plastic Energy is at the forefront of the use and development of advanced recycling technology. Plastic Energy’s recycled oils, branded under the name TACOIL were the source material for LyondellBasell, which was then allocated to the product for tubes and caps using a mass balance approach.

A lifecycle analysis* conducted by independent sustainability consultants concluded that plastics made from Plastic Energy’s TACOIL have a lower climate change impact than virgin plastic.

“Advanced recycling can effectively process contaminated or multi-layered plastics and films that pose challenges for mechanical recycling, making it a complementary solution to help address global plastic waste,” said Carlos Monreal, Founder and CEO of Plastic Energy. “Our advanced recycling process transforms these difficult to recycle plastics into TACOIL, a virgin quality feedstock meeting standards for use in food-grade, medical-grade and cosmetic packaging.”

Albéa Tubes

Packaging specialist Albéa manufactured the actual cosmetic tubes and caps for L’OCCITANE en Provence. As an early signatory to the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment, Albéa has pledged to make all its tubes recyclable by 2025, and increase the use of post-consumer recycled resins.

“The Almond Shower Scrub is the holy grail in terms of responsible packaging today. The tube and cap are designed for full recyclability and made of 93% recycled polyethylene (PE) content. On top, both are made of PE for higher-quality recycling, confirmed as recycling-ready by recycler associations in both Europe and the US. This packaging is in effect closing the loop, and that’s quite a breakthrough!” adds Gilles Swyngedauw, VP of Sustainability and Innovation with Albéa Tubes.

L‘OCCITANE en Provence

Regarding L’OCCITANE, the company believes consumption must evolve into regeneration. As an international beauty company, they have committed to ‘cultivating change’ at every level, starting with the design and production of their packaging.  As part of these efforts, in 2019 L’OCCITANE signed up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Commitment for a new economy for plastic.

“We are accelerating our circular economy journey and are engaged to reach an overall 40% recycled content in all our plastic packaging by 2025. The use of advanced recycling technology in our plastic tubes is an exciting step forward.  Collaborating with LyondellBasell and Albéa was key for success.  The new tubes strictly follow ISCC Plus guidelines with a mass balance approach in order to satisfy our two clients: Customer and Nature,” says David Bayard, R&D Packaging Director, L’OCCITANE en Provence.


About Plastic Energy
Plastic Energy is a global leader in chemical recycling, offering a sustainable solution to help prevent plastic waste, transforming previously unrecyclable plastic waste into a valuable resource. Our patented and proven chemical recycling technology converts end-of-life plastic waste into an optimal feedstock (TACOIL) for making virgin-quality recycled plastics. Plastic Energy currently has two chemical recycling plants that are in constant operation in Spain and is one of the few companies worldwide that has sold TACOIL from the conversion of end-of-life plastic waste to replace fossil oils in the manufacturing of new plastics. We are leading our field in the transition to a low-carbon circular economy for plastics. Visit our website at and follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

About LyondellBasell
As a leader in the global chemical industry, LyondellBasell strives every day to be the safest, best operated and most valued company in our industry. The company’s products, materials and technologies are advancing sustainable solutions for food safety, access to clean water, healthcare and fuel efficiency in more than 100 international markets. LyondellBasell places high priority on diversity, equity and inclusion and is Advancing Good with an emphasis on our planet, the communities where we operate and our future workforce.  The company takes great pride in its world-class technology and customer focus. LyondellBasell has stepped up its circularity and climate ambitions and actions to address the global challenges of plastic waste and decarbonization. In 2022, LyondellBasell was named as one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” for the fifth consecutive year. For more information, please visit or follow @LyondellBasell on LinkedIn.

About Albéa Tubes
We invent and make the groundbreaking, responsible tubes you use every day.
We provide plastic and laminate tubes, world-class printing expertise, caps and applicators, and an extensive range of recycling-ready, paper-based, PCR and bio-based tubes.
We proudly serve big and small brands everywhere, combining global footprint and proximity.
We are committed to making all our cosmetic and oral care tubes recyclable by 2025, and more broadly to social and environmental responsibility.
We invented cosmetic tubes. We stand for experience, expertise, innovation and industrial excellence.

About L’OCCITANE en Provence
Since 1976, L’OCCITANE en Provence has been imagining, producing and selling beauty, skincare and wellbeing products with an intention to share nature’s wonders with the world. We believe  that by reviving the strength of all living things, we can help seeds bloom again and reconcile humans with nature. We are Cultivators of Change. Every year, we plant powerful ingredients, which are in perfect symbiosis with their ecosystems. We turn to Mother Earth and marvel at her in bloom. We explore her treasures and investigate our own methods until new breakthroughs are revealed. We craft them into unexpected memories. We team up with people at a local level because we believe that any act can make a difference, no matter how big or small.



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*Plastic Energy Lifecycle Assessment – Plastic Energy