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Accelerating The Circular Plastics Economy

Plastic Energy is transforming the global landscape of plastic waste. Our recycling process converts end-of-life plastic into feedstock used to replace fossil oils in the production of new plastics, while diverting plastic waste from landfill and incineration.

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The Plastic Problem

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1.8 billion tonnes of GHG emissions generated by plastics lifecycle.

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Every year more than 390 million tonnes of plastic are produced globally.

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More than 22 million tonnes of plastic waste leak into the environment and oceans yearly.

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Globally, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled, 50% is landfilled, 22% is mismanaged and 19% incinerated.

Our Technology & Process

With our patented process, plastics are heated in the absence of oxygen to form hydrocarbon vapours. These vapours are then condensed into our recycled feedstock – TACOIL™.


Closing The Plastic Loop

By recycling previously unrecyclable plastic waste, we are helping create a circular economy for plastics.

Closing the plastic loop would dramatically reduce environmental pollution and promote far-reaching societal benefits.

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We offer complete commercial packages of our recycling technology, including end-to-end business and operational support.

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