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PRESS RELEASE: Global Sustainability – Film Awards 2018

London, Thursday, November 29th 2018


London, Thursday, November 29. PLASTIC ENERGY Limited, a company with a unique process to recycle plastic waste on a global and commercial scale, has won the ‘Sky: Beyond plastic award’ for its film ‘Closing the plastic loop.’

The film, shot at one its industrial plants in Spain, shows how chemical recycling can turn end of plastic destined for landfill, incineration or leakage into the world’s rivers or oceans, into new plastic or oil.

Films in the category sponsored by Sky, and part of TVE’s Global Sustainability Film Awards together with the Fastflow Group, are expected to focus on ‘companies which have eradicated or reduced plastic from their business model, companies at the cutting edge of creating alternatives to plastic, and those which are creating the technology to ensure all plastic is recyclable.’

Said Carlos Monreal, Founder and CEO of PLASTIC ENERGY: “It’s a great honour to be given this award for a film which we believe beautifully encapsulates the enormity of the plastic pollution problem but also what can be done to solve it.”

We hope it will help people to understand that by adopting the circular economy we can convert end of life plastic into something of value which can be used over and over again, preventing pollution and reducing the need to escalate the production of plastic.”

The film is as a short movie which engages the viewer to simultaneously be aware of the overconsumption of short-use plastics and the damages to the environment and the still-unknown consequences on human health.

But it goes further and provides a concrete, commercial, and inspiring solution to the problem of multi-layered, contaminated plastic: chemical recycling. PLASTIC ENERGY effectively finds a new life to plastics that cannot be mechanically recycled and commonly understood as unrecyclable.

The TVE Global Sustainability Awards together with the Fastflow Group were held at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) on Monday, November 26.

Notes to Editors:

PLASTIC ENERGY is in the forefront of the use and development of new technologies to transform traditionally non-recyclable plastic waste into hydrocarbon products and back into plastic. It is leading the way in its field in the transition to a low-carbon circular economy with
its two commercial plants in Spain. It is the only company worldwide that has sold millions of litres of oils from plastic waste using patented technology. The company uses chemical recycling to process non-recyclable End of Life Plastics (ELP) from domestic wastes.

Twitter: @plasticenergy
Further information from:
Richard Peel
Tel: 0780 508 3595

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