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This first project in France represents the start of the collaboration between Total and Plastic Energy to deploy chemical recycling.

Paris – Total and Plastic Energy announce the creation of a strategic partnership and the development of the first chemical recycling project in France (Total 60 %, Plastic Energy 40 %). This plant, with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes per annum, will be located on the new Total platform zéro crude in Grandpuits, France. The project is expected to become operational in early 2023.

This first project in France represents the start of the collaboration between Total and Plastic Energy to deploy chemical recycling, a technology to recycle conventionally difficult-to-recycle plastic waste which would have been destined to incineration.

“This strategic partnership combined with the construction of the first chemical recycling plant in France is an important step in the development of the chemical recycling of plastic waste. It will contribute to achieve our goal of producing 30% of polymers from recycled materials by 2030,” said Valérie Goff, Senior Vice President Polymers in Total’s Refining & Chemicals business segment.

“The collaboration with Total will help contribute to the emergence of an innovative new industrial sector for recycling, meeting both the rising demand for high-quality recycled materials, and the need for real circularity in plastics,” declared Carlos Monreal, founder and CEO, Plastic Energy.

Furthermore, Total has signed an agreement with Plastic Energy to purchase part of the pyrolysis oils (or TACOIL) produced in Plastic Energy’s plants in Spain from 2020. The TACOIL has already been successfully processed in Total’s petrochemical platform in Antwerp. The properties of the polymers produced will be identical to that of virgin polymers and will be specifically suitable for food contact applications.


About Plastic Energy

Plastic Energy is at the forefront of the use and development of a chemical recycling technology to transform traditionally non-recyclable plastic waste into hydrocarbon products (TACOIL), being used to make recycled, virgin-quality plastics. Plastic Energy currently operates two commercial plants in Spain 24/7, 330days a year.  It is one of the few companies worldwide that has sold millions of litres of recycled oils (TACOIL) from the conversion of end of life plastic waste, using patented technology. It is leading the way in its field in the transition to a low-carbon circular economy for plastics.

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